Embracing Heritage and Innovation: Bezzera’s New Logo Journey 11-12-2023

In the realm of espresso, Bezzera stands as a paragon of quality and tradition. With a history deeply rooted in Milanese culture, Bezzera, a renowned name in the world of espresso machines, has embarked on a transformative journey. This article explores the significant shift in Bezzera’s branding through the adoption of a new logo – a change symbolizing the fusion of heritage and innovation.
The Evolution of Bezzera’s Logo
In 2019, Bezzera took a bold step by transitioning from its old logo to a new, visually striking emblem – the Biscione with "Viscontea" graphics. This change was more than a mere aesthetic update; it represented a deeper connection with Milan's history and culture. The original Biscione Visconteo is now proudly displayed on Bezzera’s latest models, including the Aria, Victoria, Sole Moda, and Nuova Arcadia PID, and will feature on all new machines henceforth.
The Biscione: A Symbol of Milanese Pride
The Biscione is not just an emblem; it's a symbol steeped in the history of Milan. Also serving as the Coat of Arms of the Municipality of Milan, the Biscione’s origins trace back to the noble house of the Visconti. The symbol, depicting a serpent, is intertwined with several legends that add to its mystique and appeal.
One such legend narrates the tale of Bonifacio, Lord of Pavia, and his son, who was swallowed and later regurgitated unharmed by a gigantic snake. Another legend speaks of the Visconti’s progenitor adopting this Coat of Arms during the Crusades. Regardless of the version, these tales highlight the Biscione as a symbol of protection and rebirth, themes that resonate deeply with Bezzera’s philosophy.
Why the Change?
The shift to the Biscione logo is more than an aesthetic choice for Bezzera. It’s a nod to the company's Milanese roots and an acknowledgment of its founder, Giuseppe Bezzera's, desire to maintain a direct link with Milan. By adopting this iconic symbol, Bezzera reaffirms its commitment to Milanese craftsmanship, tradition, and innovation.
The Impact on Bezzera's Espresso Machines
With the new logo, Bezzera’s machines are not just tools for making coffee; they become artifacts of Milanese culture and history. Each machine, from the Aria to the Nuova Arcadia PID, now carries a piece of Milan’s legacy, making the coffee experience more enriched and culturally significant.
Looking Ahead: Bezzera’s Future with the Biscione
As Bezzera moves forward, the incorporation of the Biscione symbolizes a balance between honoring traditional values and embracing modern innovation. This change is expected to resonate well with coffee aficionados who appreciate both the art of espresso and the rich history behind it.

Bezzera’s adoption of the Biscione as its new logo is a bold statement of identity and heritage. It weaves a narrative that connects the past with the present, tradition with innovation. For Bezzera, this change is not just about a new visual identity; it’s about reaffirming its roots in Milanese culture while continuing to innovate and lead in the espresso machine industry.