ARIA MN can be installed anywhere without the need for connections to the water mains.A compact machine with a big heart;despite its small size thanks to the boiler with heat exchanger and the E61 type lever group powered by a thermosiphonic circulation hydraulic system, the ARIA model guarantees thermal stability like a commercial machine.The rotary motor pump guarantees uniform and silent pressure delivery like a BAR machine!


Technical features:

• Thermosiphonic circulation

• Automatic entry of water into the boiler

• Automatic stop of the resistances in case of lack of water in the tank

• 70lt rotary pump h

Body and frame in stainless steel AISI 304, colors available;Stainless steel, matt black wood finishes, white, red

Technical data ARIA


   1 GROUP

 Power supply

 V~/Hz   110 - 120 / 50-60   220 - 240 / 50-60 


W 1200 1200


lt 1,5


lt 3


mm 200


mm 428


mm 411

 Net weight

kg 24

 Gross weight

kg 28