A - E

M80A  Automatic

Available in automatic version with auto start and stop switch, with grinded coffee dispenser of 250gr,  adjustable from 5 to 9 grams per dose.

M80E Electronic

The electronic doserless version  without coffee dispenser allows the setting of 3 doses, through adjustment of the grinding time.

The coffee is ground directly into the filter holder.


M80 A-E Professional coffee grinder:

  • Flat millstones 63 mm.
  • Motor 1400RPM 50HZ  -  1600RPM 60HZ.
  • Adjustable dosage and grinding.
  • Hopper capacity 1kg.


Technical data sheet M80A - M80E

  Version: automatic-electronic
 Power Supply  V/Hz  110-120V / 50-60Hz 220-240V / 50-60Hz
 Engine Power   W 460W 420W
 RPM  Hz  1400 / 50Hz 1600 / 60Hz
 Flat Millstones mm Ø 63 
 Hopper Kg
 Grinding  Kg 3,5 
 Width mm 340 
 Depth mm 225 
 Height mm 580 
 Net Weight  Kg 11,4 
 Gross Weight  Kg 13